Welcome to “ Life : It Goes On” , a blog page by Kulbhushan Kain .The author in his varied experiences of living life intensely ,has come to the conclusion that life goes on – irrespective of what, and how , you want to change its course .He also opines that a disaster ( death ,disease etc ), should not signal the end of ones quest for hope and rejuvenation .He is also of the view that no matter how many laurels one wins and is perceived to be successful – failure could be just around the corner .Life is full of contradictions – one can never predict anything with certainty – it just goes on !!It has its own logic.

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Rest In Peace Sushmaji 

Many important and known people will write obituaries on Sushma Swaraji.She was a much loved leader and her admirers cut across caste , creed and party lines.Her strength was her accessibility and she took a complex issue like foreign policy to grassroots and made it…