Welcome to “ Life : It Goes On” , a blog page by Kulbhushan Kain .The author in his varied experiences of living life intensely ,has come to the conclusion that life goes on – irrespective of what, and how , you want to change its course .He also opines that a disaster ( death ,disease etc ), should not signal the end of ones quest for hope and rejuvenation .He is also of the view that no matter how many laurels one wins and is perceived to be successful – failure could be just around the corner .Life is full of contradictions – one can never predict anything with certainty – it just goes on !!It has its own logic . Read More About The Author here

Sneezy had some very unique habits –I guess most living beings have them ,which separate them from the rest .One such habit of hers to bark whenever I left home .She would always be there to see me ( us )off , and the moment we exited , she would take off barking !! It … Continue reading “Sneezy 4 – At Her Prime”

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When we adopt a dog or any pet, we know it is going to end with us having to say goodbye, but we still do it. And we do it for a very good reason: They bring so much joy and optimism and happiness. They attack every moment of every day with that attitude. Sneezy … Continue reading “Sneezy 4 – The Early Years .!”

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Winter is here to stay .I love winters more than summers – which is the opposite of what my wife prefers.I have no doubt that my preference is because of the fact that I grew up in Dehradun ,which is a “semi hill station “, so to say- it was winter time – all the … Continue reading “Daulat Ki Chaat -The Best Sweet Dish In The World !!”

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Yesterday as I was doing round of  the school ,  bright teacher  wished me in the corridor.Nothing unusual – everyone from  housekeepers , security guards , teachers , mess staff , students, – more or less everyone wishes me. I don’t know if it a reflex action because they have been conditioned to do so  … Continue reading ““Sir -This Is Not Done”!! My Answer .”

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Though I was born in Burma ,I grew up in  Dehradun , a pretty town lying about 240 kms from Delhi  and  21 kms  from the Queen of hill stations Mussoorie .The revered district of Haridwar is 47 kms away .Before Independence  a  substantial number of  Britishers and Anglo Indians   settled down in Dehradun   … Continue reading “Eating Out In Dehradun In The 60s And 70s-Blowin In The Wind!”

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