About Me


About me

Industry : Education
Occupation : Director,Delhi Public School, Jaipur
Location : Jaipur

Answers to questions I am asked most often

Where were you born ?

I was born in Falam , in the Chin Hills of Myanmar .My father was a Civil Surgeon there.

Do you have strong recollections of the first 5 years of your life .

Not of the first 3 years , but yes of the years after that – I remember studying in Nursery for example and travelling around in a Landrover in Myanmar with the family !

Tell us something about your schooling and college

My Dad relocated to India in 1961 . I studied upto the 4th standard in St Marys School ,Clement Town ,Dehradun( walking distance from our bungalow ) .I then shifted to St Josephs Academy in the same town .For Graduation and Post Graduation , I went to Hansraj College at  the Delhi University where I majored in History and Politics .

How were your school and college days ?

I enjoyed playing  sports and with marbles  in school .I did not like attending Maths Classes .But overall ,I enjoyed it .The fact that I became the school Headboy , means that I was very integrated into the school system.College gave me more freedom .I explored who I was .I got to know myself better .I did most of the things that I had been forbidden to do .Dont ask me what these were !!I played a lot of cricket and tennis .I captained my College Cricket Team .

What role did your parents play in your life ?

I lost my parents early ( had lost both of them before I entered college). My father was a busy and successful Doctor . I dont remember spending the kind of time I spent with my son , with him .But yes – I was in awe of him .He had a very powerful personality with a lot of charm and push .Pucca Britisher !! He was a go-getter .My mother was a very placid and beautiful woman .She was kind and very sharing by nature .I still look for those qualities in any human being .

If you were told it was your last day on this earth ,what wud you do ?

Well ,I would love to be Monmarte ( Paris),or Praha ( Czech Republic ) getting myself painted by the artists who are always present there .I would like to have a glass of good French wine , chips , sausages ,fish and French pastries with lots of nuts and rich cream .If someone could arrange for rasgollas from Das in Kolkatta, and tikkas from Arif Bhai ( Community Centre ,New Friends Colony) then it would be divine .And all this with a intelligent  and pretty  woman – my wife , and my son .Before sleeping I would like  to listen to Mukesh , Simon and Garfunkel , Beatles ( All you need is love !), Jagjit  Singh ( hum toh hai pardes mein ,des mein niklaa hoga chaand) and Lata Mangeshkar (lag ja gale ki phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho )!.I would like to pass into the other world holding the hands  of my wife and son with both my dogs in attendance !

Would have liked to be in a different profession?You spent a lifetime in schools !!

Not really .Maybe I would have made a very successful lawyer or a cricket commentator .But I wonder whether I would have got the time to do things that I love doing .I became a successful teacher /administrator in terms of awards ,recognition , love  and even money .I would not like to trade that with anything else .

What makes you happy ?

Oh so many things .I see life in momemts and I try to enjoy each of them .So there are too many things that gladden my heart – a trek in the Himalayas ,a intense game of squash , food at a dhabha ,talking endlessly to my dogs , glass of wine and dinner out with my wife , good looking men and women , good music , chicken tikkaas , fish and chips , rasgoolas , monkey nuts around a campfire on a cold winter day ,teaching ,taking school assemblies ……….so many things ………..!

Who inspires you ?

I got to sound like a narcissist – but I draw inspiration from how I have tackled the problems that confronted me .Entering college as a orphan , battling failure in exams ,facing periods of unemployment , fighting back from the brink of death , being gheraoed  so often as a young Principal , etc , have made me feel that I can do it over and over again .Because Life – It just goes on !! Don’t ever let it beat you into pulp .

Anything you fear ?
Yes – but certainly not death ,because everyone dies !!But not everyone flies -so i am frightened of flying .!! I am also frightened of huge masses of water .So i am agrophobic and hydrophobic !Since i fly quite a bit and have travelled on many seas and oceans , i have lived with fear quite a lot .I am a animal lover – but am frightened of any kind of reptile !!