The elections sent out clear indications – 1) that the Congress Party is in serious problems and on the verge  of extinction .Forget the narrative of journalists on the pay roll of a dying party who are saying that the Congress got more of the vote share than the BJP .It does not matter – you may get your maximum votes in a few constituencies and lose in a majority of them  .The inflated votes in a few constituencies add up to your vote share – but not to your seats .And this is what happened to the Congress .It was comprehensively trounced in the elections and that is the reason that it is down -43 seats .2).The BJP has made strong inroads .Its vote share has increased across Karnataka and hence it has upped its tally from 40 to 106 that is  +66 . It’s a huge victory – whether the paid digital , print or electronic media like it or not .3).The JD (S), has got only 18 percent vote and just 38 seats – down by two .

So what do we see ? The boy who got 38 marks gets the first rank , the boy who got 76 marks gets the second rank and the boy who got the highest marks 106 , comes last !!.

As I watched the drama unfold , the Congress party reminded me of a NGO sitting outside the house of the JD (S), with its hands folded and head bowed .

Two  important things emerged – minorities will not vote for the BJP , at least in the foreseeable future .Hence , one will continue to see them being denied  tickets in the elections by the BJP .This is power politics –inclusiveness will not be generated at ground zero level , but will come from the top with the capture of power .There is no point in contesting elections by putting up candidates if they are going to lose because you hate the BJP .The second thing that emerged from the election is the hypocricy and hatred of the Lutyens media towards Modi . It is no secret that the hate is mutual .Modi hasn’t given these toxic media persons a single interview .Nor has he carried them in his plane to foreign climes and paid for their whiskey and 5 star hotel stay .The narrative that they have tried to build that Modis popularity is on the decline has come crashing down .He is as popular- if not more – than when he started in 2014 .I see him sweeping the polls in 2019 .The more the media and a particular section of society abuse and vilify him – the greater is the consolidation of vote and support of those who feel that they have lost out on minority appeasement politics .Also ,the new economic eco system is such that it threatens to disrupt the old economic eco system – whether it be GST ,Demonetization , opening of accounts for the poor and transferring money directly into it ( the middleman who has been fattened by 70 years of corrupt rules and schemes is now starving ), Aadhar , RERA ( selling and buying land ),loan melas , – everything is making the supporters of the previous dispensation uncomfortable .

What happens next in Karnataka ? Logically , the Governor must call the party with the largest number of seats first to explore the possibility of forming a government .It must be asked to prove its numbers on the floor of the house .If not – then he should call the second largest party to prove their majority .In this case , I think the Congress will be able to do so .

For those who argue that in Manipur and Goa the opposite happened – to them I would say that it happened wrong .To those who say that the Congress and the JD (S), have a alliance which has the numbers – to them ,I would say that it is not  a PRE POLL  alliance nut  A POST POLL ALLIANCE ! There is a difference .Infact in no pre poll alliance would a chief minister be contesting a elections against a party which he allies with after after the result is declared ! ( I am talking of Siddaramiah ).

I hope that constitutionilities apart – BJP should allow the Congress and JD (S), to form the government .They must go into 2019 with this as a issue all over India .Play the victim card .Ride on the sympathies of the people in Karnataka who voted out the Congress and rejected the JD S – but find them in bed together !

At the end of the day – the BJP has won 106 seats !! Its not a small number .They can and I feel – will milk the issue .2019 is not very far off .And the govt in Karnataka should not last more than a year .BJP must not make a stake for power with a real purpose of capturing it .Of course they must “show” that they tried – but were victimized !

That is what they are doing !!